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29 October 2021

Opening Season for Scottish Red Hinds

As every self-respecting deer stalker knows, the first day of the season for Red hinds is on the 21st October and this year members of the Capreolus Club were in the highlands ready and waiting.

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14 October 2021


Sika Stag in Dorset. We report back from the Capreolus Club’s recent trip for Sika stag on the beautiful Isle of Purbeck.

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03 September 2021

Become a PDS1 Approved Verifier

We need your help. ‘Approved Verifiers’ (AVs) are required in all areas of the UK to support the Proficient Deer Stalker Certificate Level 1 (PDS1) and verify the skills of PDS1 candidates who have completed the PDS1 Online.

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