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20th January 2022

Make the most of your Deer...

From February there is just a short time left to harvest the UK's largest species of deer. I am often asked by beginners to the sport, when is my...
10th January 2022

Hunting Exmoor's Red Giants

Professional deer stalker and hunter Peter S Jones travels to the Exe valley in Exmoor to size up the regions Red Giants. There is a reason why...
20th December 2021

What does the New Year have in...

What does the New Year have in store for Deer Stalkers? In short, a great deal of excitement! Yes, it may be cold. Yes, the days are short and yes,...
16th December 2021

Sika Hind Stalking

The Capreolus Club return from a cull of Sika Hinds in Dorset.  The open season for Sika deer in England & Wales starts on the 01st August...
08th December 2021

Beretta host the Capreolus Club at...

We report back from the Capreolus Club's bustling, fun Christmas event, hosted this year at the Beretta Gallery, London.  The last year has seen...

County Deer Stalking is the UK’s leading provider of Deer Stalker Training and Deer Stalking Outings and is open to all of those that are dedicated and committed to the betterment of species through the careful selection of sustainable, wild, free-ranging animals.

County Deer Stalking's Online Magazine is the UK’s premier website for Deer Stalking & Deer Management related information. It is also the UK’s first online magazine devoted entirely to Deer Stalkers, offering readers a wealth of information in the form of short films and regular articles & reviews written by professional stalkers and top industry professionals.

With heaps of information about all things deer stalking, County Deer Stalking is a one stop shop for all things deer stalking.

Deer stalking is a term used in the UK to refer to deer hunting through the stealthy pursuit of deer on foot. The intention is to kill for food and/or to manage a population. Deer are shot with a high powered rifle.

In other parts of the world the term deer hunting is preferred and broadly refers to the same practice. In the UK the term ‘hunting’ has historically referred to the practice of hunting with hounds and is therefore not attributed to the practice of stalking deer.

Deer have no natural predators in the UK and as such Deer numbers have increased dramatically. Apex predators have been absent from the UK for many years and so aside from selective deer culling through stalking and management, the only limitations to the continued population growth are starvation, disease and traffic collisions. The Deer Initiative estimates that there is a need to cull at least 500,000 deer per year to maintain a stable and healthy population.

At County Deer Stalking we maintain that without the careful management of deer through selective culling, deer damage to the UK countryside will continue to increase. Damage caused by deer can include serious damage to crops, trees and shrubs and result in the loss of many of the UKs native plants and species.

Uncontrolled deer can create a considerable headache for foresters, farmers and all those who make the countryside their business.  There is of course also the escalating problem of 'Deer Vehicle collisions,' something which can have very real and even fatal consequences. Whilst other forms of deer control may be explored, for example the use of fencing and other deterrents, this does not restrict the exponential population growth of what is essentially a prey species. At County Deer Stalking it is our belief that Deer numbers can only properly be controlled by selective and careful culling.

‘County Deer Stalking's Online Magazine allows readers to improve their understanding of deer management and also access deer stalking in all areas of the UK. This can be achieved by viewing the pages devoted to ‘Go Stalking’ found along the tool bar at the top of this page.  



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