SwedTeam Clothing Review

SwedTeam Clothing Review: Baseball Cap

Some time ago I posted a review of the excellent SWEDTEAM Granasen suit that I purchased - you may remember, I was very impressed, and have continued to use the suit as my 'go-to' deer stalking outfit for all but the hottest of days.

(Search: 'SWEDTEAM' to read the review).

At the time of purchasing, the seller included a SwedTeam Cap in Green - 100% Polyester, in the same dark green as the suit. Looked good, I thought, tossing it on to the pile of miscellaneous shooting gear that looked good at the time but is never really used. I went out the door with my usual balaclava style hat.

Fast forward a few months - balaclava currently being chewed by a grazing cow, having been dropped somewhere along the way. Conscious of both need to remain hidden and near Biblical proportions of rain across the South East before Christmas, I reach for the SwedTeam!

I'll start by saying I am absolutely the last person to ever wear a baseball cap. Normally I look absolutely ridiculous, and cannot possibly carry it off. Maybe it's my desire to really like this particular cap that carries it a bit further, but I'm actually OK with it. Not delighted, but "OK". That's not to say it isn't a great product - for many reasons, it really is - but it is never going to be my style.

That said, on looking at popular brand alternatives for hats (like the infamous Tilley hats), at RRP £13.99, it's an absolute bargain (which is always in fashion for me!).

What did prove handy was how well fitting and adjustable the cap was. Cutting to the chase, I have a fairly large hat size (of about 7.5/61), and by adjusting the clip at the back, it fitted fine. First time I've ever been able to say that with a baseball cap.

Hats are crucial when Deer Stalking in order to cast a shadow over the face and improve concealment and so I am pleased to report the brim itself is sturdy, and long enough to provide that essential overhang and face cover when stalking.

While I cannot hold this against the hat really, I still got very, very wet while stalking in it. This isn't a criticism, as it was really pouring, but of all the items of clothing I was wearing, it gave way to the weather quickest. It could probably handle a light shower, but don't expect to stay dry if it's really raining.