Firearms Training

Whether you are a complete novice, experienced deer stalker, pest controller or big game hunter, CDS Firearms Training offers professional firearms rifle set up and training on an exclusive estate near Crawley, West Sussex. Our facility provides shooting in a beautiful woodland environment just one hour from London.

‘One to one’ range time with one of our professional instructors is charged at £125 per hour and can be booked with 48 hours’ notice seven days a week.

* Shoot at ranges from 50 -300 yards

* Learn advanced techniques for accurate shot placement. 

* Accurately check and zero rifles using our specialist equipment

* Extensive specialist tool kit to fine tune your rifle/scope setup. Learn advanced techniques for accurate shot placement

* Interactive, life size, steel and paper deer targets. 

No FAC, no problem. We have a selection of quality rifles all fitted with the latest Swarovski optics for clients to use; .243 Winchester, .275 Rigby, .308 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield and .416 Rigby for dangerous game hunters.

NEW for 2018.

New for 2018 'CDS Firearms Training' has developed the 'PDS Woodland Stalker' and 'PDS Woodland Stalker Pro'. These challenging courses are designed for deer stalkers of all abilities to test their marksmanship over a series of targets presented along a pre-determined woodland course. Shooters are invited to walk the course with one of our instructors taking shots at a series of interactive steel discs and life size steel deer targets, at a variety of ranges and positions designed to replicate real life hunting scenarios. 

The challenging courses start with an initial briefing and feature targets placed along woodland paths, a gorge and fields at distances from 50 – 400 yards. The training is designed to seriously test your marksmanship, observation skills, safety, distance judgement and holdover technique, shooting at angles and accurate shooting at longer ranges.

We have two challenges. PDS ‘Woodland Stalker’ our shorter course, which features shooting at ranges up to 150 yards and our more advanced course, PDS ‘Woodland Stalker Pro’ which boasts shooting at extended ranges up to 400 yards. The aim of the longer ranges featured in the pro course are designed to test the shooters ability to despatch deer out to 400 yards, should they be required to despatch an animal at distance.

'PDS Woodland Stalker’ takes about an hour to complete (£155) and the 'PDS Woodland Stalker Pro’ takes two hours (£295). You’ll be amazed at what you will learn. No one (yet) has achieved a 100% score - can you?? A certificate is awarded for stalkers who achieve a score of 75% or more.

Other training delivered at the Crawley facility includes ‘Proficient Deer Stalker’ (PDS) levels one and two, ‘PDS Land Assessment’ and our ‘Zoo/wildlife Park Training’.

To book time at the range, rifle/scope setup, firearms training or to book a session on our ‘Woodland Stalker Challenge’ call 01403 790244 / 07894 146643 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Alternatively, if you would like us to create a bespoke training package to suit your needs then please contact us to discuss your requirements.

CDS Firearms Instructors

James Mott is our senior firearms trainer. He has developed and delivered professional training courses and programs for the company since 2010 and has hunted extensively throughout the UK and abroad for over 25 years. His knowledge of firearms/optics, ballistics and marksmanship is second to none and he is responsible for the CDS firearms training courses and program development. James is also an ‘Approved Witness’ for BASC in ‘Deer Management Qualifications’.

Peter Jones is a former Metropolitan Police Detective with 10 years service in the MPS Crime Squads & CID. During his career, Peter specialised in firearms legislation and was awarded a 'Commendation for Bravery & Professionalism' for his handling of an armed incident, before retiring from the Police with an 'Exemplary Service Certificate'. Peter has been shooting and hunting big game throughout the UK, Europe and Africa over the last 25 years. In addition to offering expert tuition to our clients, Peter is responsible for the training and weapon familiarisation programs we deliver to Zoo’s and Wildlife Parks throughout the UK. Peter is also an ‘Approved Witness’ for the ‘British Deer Society’ in ‘Deer Management Qualifications’.

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Call us on 01403 790244 or drop us a line here with any enquiries or to provisonally book your outing or training course.

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