Red Deer Stalking in the UK.

reddeerRed Deer Stalking - The UK offers some great Deer Stalking and none more so than for the UK's native and iconic Red Deer.

(left: The iconic Red Stag). 

Red Deer Stalking is typically associated with Deer Stalking in Scotland where stalking in the Highlands is a long established tradition. However Red Deer can also be found in small pockets elsewhere in the UK in areas such as Exmoor, Cumbria, East Anglia and the New Forest. 

Red Deer (Cervus elaphus) are the largest species of deer in the UK with woodland stags standing up to 140cm in height and reaching weights in excess of 250kg. 

Typically existing in large single sex herds, Red deer come together for the Rut around September - October.  During the Rut Red Stags in their prime (usually between 8-12yrs) and exhibiting the greatest size and weight tend to achieve the best position in the mating heirarchy. 

For many, Stalking Red Deer in the rut represents the epitome of the very best in UK Deer Stalking

Deer Hunting seasons for this noble quarry vary between England & Wales and Scotland.

Red Deer Open season In England & Wales:

Red Stags:  1st August - 31st April

Red Hinds: 1st Nov - 31st March

Red Deer Open Season in Scotland:

Red Stags: 1st July - 20th October

Red Hinds:  21st October - 15th February.

For more information about Red Deer and Deer Stalking please take some time to browse our website or else contact County Deer Stalking for recommendations and the best places to stalk Red deer in the UK.  

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