Deer Stalking UK

Deer Stalking is the term used in the UK to refer to Deer Hunting or the stealthy pursuit of deer. Though historically undertaken with the use of dogs modern deer stalking in the UK is typically undertaken with the use of a high powered rifle fitted with a telescopic sight.

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Gralloching & Inspection Master Class

Leading on perfectly from the PDS1 or DSC1 Deer Stalking Certificate, this class in the Gralloching & Inspection of deer, is ideal for those hunters that wish to handle and process their own shot deer carcasses. It is also perfect for those enrolled on, or about to take their DSC2 or PDS2 deer stalking qualifications.

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Venison Butchery Course for Deer Stalkers

Venison Butchery, Skinning and Carcass Preparation Course - Butchery refers to the preparing of animals for meat and here at County Deer Stalking, we have created a truly unique and fabulous Online Butchery & Skinning Masterclass, that is designed to empower those that hunt deer with the skills required to skin, butcher and prepare the carcass of their own shot deer at home.

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Deer Stalker Training Online

Deer Stalker Training Available Online – The Proficient Deer Stalker Certificate Level 1 (PDS1). We look at the ground-breaking and innovative new Online version of the popular PDS1 deer stalking Course, that now enables candidates to complete their deer management qualification through e-learning.

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Deer Stalking Courses

For those that are new to Deer Stalking I am delighted to report that we have extended and improved on the variety of deer stalking courses that we can offer beginners.

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Should you do your Deer Stalkers Certificate

We consider the PDS1 and DSC1 Deer Stalking Certificate - Both the Proficient Deer Stalkers Certificate Level 1 (PDS1) and the The Deer Stalkers Certificate level 1 (DSC1) have been a huge success, and for many Police forces in the UK, have been the unofficial requirement for individuals who desire a firearm certificate (FAC) with an entitlement to shoot deer.

In the UK these courses have been key in providing a professional feel to deer stalking and have been responsible for better informing and educating potential candidates about deer management. 

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