Deer Stalking UK

Deer Stalking UK

Deer Stalking is the term used in the UK to refer to Deer Hunting or the stealthy pursuit of deer. Though historically undertaken with the use of dogs modern deer stalking in the UK is typically undertaken with the use of a high powered rifle fitted with a telescopic sight.  

The UK offers some of the very best Deer Stalking/Hunting in the world. With six species of deer ranging from the native Red and Roe Deer to those species that have been gradually introduced to the UK, including Fallow Deer, Sika Deer, Muntjac Deer and Chinese Water Deer. 


(Above: Roe Buck one of the UK's six species of deer)

Due to the fact that the deers traditional predators such as the Wolf and Lynx no longer roam the British countryside Deer numbers in some areas of the UK have reached near epidemic proportions. The only means of controling these numbers has been controled deer culling.  

As a consequence of the need to cull Deer in the UK there are many opportunities to go Deer Stalking. The result is that many hunters from around the world come to UK shores each year to Stalk Deer. 

Indeed due to the specific seasons there is in fact at least one deer species or another in season 365 days a year! This allows for hunters from the UK and abroad to experience some truly superb deer stalking over a variety of landscapes.

To find out more about Deer Stalking Legislation in the UK then please click on the following link:

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What is the Best Calibre for Deer Stalking in Scotland

County Deer Stalking ask’s professional deer stalkers Jason Doyle from the ‘Field Sports Ireland’ and Colin Fraser head stalker at the ‘Dalness Estate’ in the West Highlands, for their opinion on the most suitable calibre for deer stalking in the highlands of Scotland.

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Going it Alone

Are you safe and capable enough to go it alone? Peter Jones reveals details of the Capreolus Club PLUS scheme for deer stalkers.

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Deer Hunting in the UK - February Almanac

We take a look at what February has in store for deer stalkers across the UK. 

Almanac Image February 2019 From the 15th February Scottish deer stalkers can at last take a well-earned break from the bulk of their duties, with the season for both Red, Sika and Fallow Doe all coming to a close.

North of the border as attention turns away from the larger species in favour of Roe, it is a good time to remember that across the whole of the UK, whilst the mature Roebuck will now appear well advanced in velvet, this will not be true of all Roebuck. The Roebuck fawns will in-fact be in the process of casting their ‘buttons’ during February and so will be absent of antler for a month or so, before re growing their first simple antlers in time for the start of the Roebuck season in April. Other identifying features must therefore be sought in order to verify the sex of the animal, the ‘anal tush’ of the doe being the most obvious example.

Unlike Scotland, in England & Wales the open season for the larger species has some time to run and with the game shooting season having ended on the 1st February, there is an opportunity for stalkers to reclaim the countryside for themselves without fear of upsetting birds just before a shoot day.

As for what nature has in store, a glimpse of the long-range weather forecast reveals that during February we may have some icy weather in store however, to mitigate this, by the middle of the month we will have an extra hour and a half of daylight in the evening and three quarters of an hour in the morning. Enough to make it feel as though we are gradually turning a corner.

Woodland Stalker Course Whilst I have your ear, there is something to which I would like to draw your attention. New for 2019 and after some considerable investment we are delighted to be able to launch our radically improved and enhanced ‘PDS Woodland Stalker Course’. Which now boasts some 20 targets out to ranges of 200 yards. This unique course, just one hour from London, is the very best deer stalking facility in the UK and it is now available for both corporate and individual bookings, I’d strongly encourage you to give it a go.

If you’d like to try this course, then we are now welcoming bookings simply contact us on 01403 790244 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Feb 2019 film image Finally, our film, which this month shows the West Highlands at their finest. Snow-capped Munro’s and stunning scenery, along with some great stalking. Please take a look and if you’d like to be a part of the Capreolus Club’s next trip then why not apply for membership of this thriving and exciting deer stalking club: apply-now

To watch the film, please follow this link to our short films page: short-films

Editorpic150IN Season in England & Wales:  Roe Does, Fallow Does & Fallow Buck, Sika Stags & Sika Hinds, Red Stags & Red Hinds, CWD Bucks & CWD Does, Muntjac Buck & Muntjac Does.

Off Season in England & Wales: Roe Buck. 

In Season in Scotland:  Sika Hinds, Red Hinds and Fallow Does until 15th Feb only. Fallow Buck & Roe Does remain in season throughout February.

Off Season in Scotland: Red Stags, Sika Stags & Roe Buck. Also Red & Sika Hinds and Fallow Does from 16th February.

(Peter Jones - Editor)

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