Deer Stalking in Oxfordshire

The leafy and attractive county of Oxfordshire is home to a relatively high Deer population and can offer some great Deer Stalking as the county attracts Fallow deer, Roe deer and Muntjac deer. This is in part perhaps due to Oxfordshires large amount of woodland and the number of suburban gardens.


(At County Deer Stalking we can offer superb Deer Stalking opportunities in the County of Oxfordshire)

At County Deer Stalking we can offer superb Muntjac & Fallow Deer Stalking in Oxfordshire over a large block of ancient woodland. Please contact us to find out more about stalking opportunities in this county.

Deer problems in Oxfordshire can range from herds of fallow deer being responsible for crop and tree damage to gardeners becoming frustrated by the loss of their plants to the secretive and persistent Muntjac.

Here at County Deer Stalking we are able to cater a management service for all types of scenario having experience with all the species of Deer and situations likely to be encountered across the county. We can also offer superb Deer Stalking experiences. 


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