Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1 & 2

DSC2250For many the deer stalking certificate level 1 is undertaken in order to meet the conditions of a local Police Firearms Enquiries Officer. The condition being that the individual should pass the DSC1 before approval will be given to stalk deer with a firearm.

For others it is a qualification that is undertaken simply in order to advance the individuals knowledge of Deer Stalking & Management

Whatever your motivation the DSC1 course is excellent and is a credit to UK deer management. It packs in a huge amount of information and elevates many stalkers to a new level of understanding about their sport and chosen quarry.

Both the Deer stalking Certificate Level 1 & 2 is governed by 'Deer Management Qualifications' (DMQ) and is carried out in two stages.

The Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1 is mainly classroom based and covers the fundamentals of Deer Management including Deer Ecology, Firearms Legislation, The Deer Acts, Deer Identification and Safety. There is also an 'in the field' marksmanship test which, provided you have some degree of skill with a rifle, should not prove to taxing for most.  

The Deer Stalking Certificate Level 2 goes on to access the practical application of these skills and is available to those who have completed their Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1. It requires that at least three culls are carried out in view of an Approved Witness.

In the past an Approved Witness used to be referred to as an Assessor and could also be an Industry Credible Witness, however today all three culls must be witnessed by an approved witness. The witness is there to ask questions and take notes and is not there to give advice.

Once completed the culls are recorded in the candidates Portfolio which also acts as a type of diary that helps give an overall impression of a candidate's experience.  During the DSC2 the candidate should be able to demonstrate their ability to safely and humanly cull deer using the correct equipment. They should also understand the techniques and requirements for disease inspection and carcass handling before they approach a witness for verification of their skills.  

Of course any kind of exam or assessment can be nerve racking and for some the DSC1 is just that, however the great thing about the DSC2 is that it is not a pass or fail exam and can simply be returned to again and again until the sufficient level of skill has been demonstrated.

zeiss4At County Deer Stalking we are 'Approved Winesses' for the Deer Stalkers Certificate Level II. If you would like to book an outings Deer Stalking for your DSC2 then please contact us for more details: contact-us

Alternatively if you are new to Deer Stalking we offer some great courses for beginners, in order to help you prepare for your formal deer management qualifications, follow this link for more: deer-stalking-packages


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