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24 February 2020

Capreolus Club respond to ill-informed Daily Star

Some of our readers may be aware, that yesterday the ‘Daily Star Sunday’ newspaper printed an ill-informed front page headline referring to me as: “GUN COP IS SICK TROPHY HUNTER” and labelled the actions of the Capreolus Club "SHAMEFUL"…nice!

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20 January 2020

Over a Decade of County Deer Stalking

To this day, I vividly recall getting out of bed on a warm, early spring day, excited to be taking out my first paying client deer stalking. Today, over one decade on, I look back at quite a journey.

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21 December 2019

Deer Stalking in the UK - January Almanac

As I look ahead to the new year and the start of 2020, I can not help but be filled with a sense of overwhelming excitement! January can sometimes prove to be a bit gloomy, but not this year, this year I have some exceptional news to announce. Our official members club, the Capreolus Club has acquired the lease on a beautiful new Fallow ground near Mayfield, East Sussex.

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